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DefenseLite Window Protection addresses every building’s most vulnerable area – glass. Glass only provides the “impression of security”. A metal punch will reduce glass to rubble. Intruders walk through it every minute. Window Film delays intrusion for about 45 seconds. Impact glass is essentially encapsulated window film, it too breaks and it is very expensive.

DefenseLite: How It Works

We bond our clear, and unbreakable shields over your existing glass. DefenseLitetm arrives as a custom-cut kit, that we install nationally. We do not remove the original glass. Our shields are separated from the glass with an aluminum frame that creates an air space. It allows the shield to flex under attack without breaking the glass. It also acts as an insulator, provides sound attenuation, and provides UV protection.

Best of all DefenseLite is “virtually invisible”, inexpensive, and it works. We keep the bad guys out. “No entry No harm”. Unlike cameras and alarms, we simply stop crime. Forced-entry attempts just aren’t worth it, when there are so many easier opportunities.

DefenseLite is available in Houston, Texas through Sunset Glass Tinting. Call us at 888-949-2468 or email for more information.



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