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The safety of our children in schools has dominated local and national news reports since the tragic loss of life at Stoneman Douglas High School. Each mom or dad wants to have the confidence to feel his or her child is safe and secure while at school, no matter the cost. This is why you need to make sure your school utilizes school safety film on its doors and windows to help keep kids safe.

A Business Insider article titled: “Here are the best ways to protect schools, workplaces, and ourselves from active shooters” details a number of methods to bolster the safety of our schools, one of the top techniques being the application of forced entry film for schools to windows. On the use of emerging technology as a method by which to improve the safety of school buildings, the article suggests that protective security film for schools will help make windows and doors more intrusion resistant by delaying the aggressors ability to find a way into the school. For schools that have already been built, the application of protective security window film, swapping-out old window locking mechanisms and potentially looking into improved window frames as well as other techniques to aid in hardening schools against an active shooter can be quite effective.

There are certain features found in protective window film that help increase school safety. The adhesive feature is a clear polyester film layer that is applied to the inside surface of the glass to the existing windows of a school. This security film can be customized to an extent, in that it is available in a variety of thicknesses and has different installation options that will be directed by the level of safety or security that Is required. Upon installation, the protective security film for schools acts as a shield that helps to hold fragments of glass together in the event of an attempted intrusion.

The safety of children at school is an important matter for teachers and parents alike. We hope that this article helped you crack the code and understand that window security film and safety glazing for schools can be the keystone to a school safety plan. If you would like additional information, we would be happy to schedule a no obligation consultation.




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