Protect your investment on your home furnishings

Wallpaper, fabrics, hardwood floors, photos hung on the walls and important personal keepsakes can fade when the sun is allowed to enter a room unfiltered. Our Envision™ Window Film option can help keep your possessions protected from the three top reasons for fading.

Glare reduction

The use of a computer or HDTV in a sunlit space is frustrating. The application of Envision Residential Window Film can significantly reduce glare from sunlight entering a room, enhancing efficiency and minimizing eyestrain.

Improved home comfort

When light from the sun initially enters a room, the temperature climbs and your air conditioning system immediately starts to work harder. By working to block up to 67% of the heat from the sun, Envision Residential Window Film can help you to maintain moderate temperatures with less help from your AC system.

Protect the health of your family

The residential and commercial window film options manufactured by 3M block UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that homeowners, as well as the owners of commercial buildings, opt into the application of window film on windows as a method by which to screen out UV rays.

Improve your carbon footprint

The use of Envision Residential Window Film allows you to maintain a moderate temperature in rooms, this allows your air conditioning system to complete its job more efficiently and helps to cut the total amount of energy required by your household.

The 3M Envision Residential Window Film is a premier solution for residential property owners. This product line will help protect your home from glare and fading, enhance the overall comfort in rooms and the window film can even help you minimize the energy used in your household. The best part is that this can all be accomplished without blocking your view or halting the entrance of sunlight into a room.



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