The 3M Sun Control Film product line is designed to minimize the amount of solar heat that is allowed to be transmitted through window glass by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption through the window glass. Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily accomplished through visible reflection.

Well-known available colored or dyed window film options work mainly through increased absorption. The window film color absorbs the solar energy at glass level, thereby reducing the direct transmission into the room. This type of film will not as effectively reduce heat as well as reflective films.

3M reflective window films are a product that has been precision coated with metals. These metallized window films are manufactured to increase the solar energy reflection at the window glass level. The full line of 3M reflective window film ranges from moderate to excellent in heat gain reduction.

All Sun Control Film from 3M is made to be optically clear and transparent. The UV protection for the window film is built into the glass adhesive system to improve the longevity of the film as well as provide UV protection to your office and home furnishings.

An abrasion resistant coating further helps protect most 3M window films from damage and it helps to ensure a long-term maintained appearance.



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