What is the warranty for 3M™ Window Film?

3M Window Films are warranted to manage their solar properties without bubbling up, cracking, hazing, or discoloration. If your film is proven to be defective, 3M and the 3M dealer will replace the film for free. The Seller also provides a warranty for errors in the installation that result in glass failure.

Some Warranties provided by sellers include:

  • Sixty months coverage against thermal shock fracture
  • Forty months coverage against seal failure

Any failure covered by these warranties must be reviewed by the original seller before repairs and replacements can be made.

In addition, we also offer the Platinum Warranty. This option is only available to residential applications. The 3M Platinum Warranty matches the terms and conditions of the original window manufacturer’s warranty for just $.35/square foot. This gives the customer consistent coverage on any new windows, and the peace knowing that 3M and their products are guarding their investments.

PLEASE NOTE: Every effort has been made to show current and correct information but the possibility of changes since posting the above does exist.