How does the 3M™ Sun Control Window Film work?

3M Sun Control Films reduce how much solar heat comes through window glass. By utilizing solar reflection and absorption. Colored or dyed films are designed to absorb solar heat, reflective films are given precision coating with metals.

Even though reflective and colored films give the impression of not being clear, all of 3M’s Sun Control Films are made to be transparent and optically clear. In addition, all films have ultraviolet protection in the adhesive. This gives the film longevity while providing UV protection to your home and office.

How does the 3M™ Low E Window Film work?

3M Low E Films function similarly to how the sun control films. What makes them different is that the Low E are more powerful against cold weather. The patented construction of the film empowers their metal coating to reflect heat back into the building. This cuts down cold spots in the room near windows during those snowy days. Just like 3M’s other films, Low E films are protected with our patented abrasion resistant coating for a maintained appearance and long-term durability.

Why do business owners have 3M™ Window Film applied to their buildings?

  • With 3M window film applied, heating and cooling operating costs drop
  • Improved comfort for employees and tenants
  • Upgraded ad unique appearances and changes in environment
  • More durability to windows, providing more safety and security
  • Extending the life of an A/C unit
  • More cost efficient than getting additional A/C equipment