Baytown 3m Window Tint

Welcome to Sunset Glass Tinting, where we work with clients that are looking for Baytown 3M window tint for sale and provide them with the resources they need to find the right window film and have it installed.

Today’s Baytown 3M window film products are advanced — they’ve never been more discrete (if that’s your preference) or effective. With over 30 years in business, Sunset Glass Tinting has remained on the cutting-edge of this industry and its available products and technology. This is how we’ve been able to offer only the highest quality service for the residential and commercial clients we work with.

Debunking some common myths about window tinting

Before you go searching for Baytown 3M window tint for sale, it’s important to understand what this process entails and what you can expect out of the finished product.

A lot of people picture window tinting as adding a deep black film to your window so no one can see in. While that is certainly one option, window tinting can provide so much more.

• For instance, we can apply our Baytown 3M window film to your windows and it will hardly change the level of natural light that comes in to your home or building. You’ll probably not even know the film is in place while it goes to work fending off ultraviolet rays, bright glares and solar heat.

• While we provide 3M window tint for sale in Baytown TX that is virtually invisible, we also provide a wide array of decorative films that can enhance the beauty of your windows in your home or building. This includes cut, sandblasted, textured and other glass designs.

• We even offer a special, 28-layered security micro-film that fends off intruders or flying debris that threatens to break your windows. Despite the heavy duty nature of this film, it still lets in 70 percent of natural light.

We can show you samples of our Baytown 3M window tint for sale and help you select the right option for your home or building.