Baytown Home Window Tinting

There may be no better time than now for you to consider Baytown home window tinting from Sunset Glass Tinting.

You can have a beautiful new look for your home with our Baytown decorative films while saving money on energy bills. Texas faces some extreme sunlight and heat, which can be brutal on home cooling bills. That sunlight can also cause damage to interiors, including rugs and wall hangings.

Rather than working to darken all the rooms in your home, think about a way to filter the damaging UV rays and heat while still allowing that glorious light to pour in. Protective decorative window and glass film is exactly what you need.

Achieve a wide range of styles

Baytown decorative films can provide you a variety of looks and coverage. We have beautiful classic etched glass patterns, a variety of frosts and of course full coverage UV protective film. You don’t have to hide in the dark any longer. Enjoy the sunlight while still reaping the energy savings 3M films provide.

The beauty and variety of styles available through our home window tinting in Baytown TX will surprise you. We can match an existing decor or help you create an exciting new look. If you think your choices are limited to clear and white films, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We use InfiniteOptiks color film. This opens the creativity for any room in your home.  InfiniteOptiks has an incredible pallet of 65,000 colors. Think of the unique opportunity to include photos, landscapes, murals and more in your home. Personalize your rooms with color or use decorative etched glass film for interior glass and mirrors to create a classic look.  Sunset Glass Tinting is eager to get started with you on your Baytown home window tinting project.

Bring safety and security to your home with custom window film

Sunset’s Baytown decorative films are not merely attractive, they can boost your home security efforts. Ask us about security films that keep glass from shattering. We also have film that is graffiti resistant.

We have films that incorporate many tough layers to hold off hail, tree limbs and even vandals. The possibilities with Baytown home window tinting are seemingly endless. Explore your options!