Baytown UV Film For Windows

Untreated windows can be a liability for your home or commercial building — strengthen this vulnerability by working with Sunset Glass Tinting and take advantage of our Baytown UV film for windows.

Here at Sunset Glass Tinting, we can install our high-quality, 3M-made window films to your windows in order to achieve a number of outcomes — from limiting the ultraviolet rays and solar heat that enters your building to adding a layer of security.

Does Baytown UV window film make my windows look darker?

This is a common misconception when folks think about the idea of tinting windows. Even though UV film for windows in Baytown TX will deflect ultraviolet rays and a wide majority of solar heat, it will not change the amount of natural light that can come through your window and brighten up your home or facility.

Can’t I just use curtain or shades rather than invest in Baytown UV film for windows?

That’s certainly an option, but Baytown UV window film installed by Sunset Glass Tinting is easily worth the investment. By treating your windows, you don’t have to make sure the shades or curtains are drawn just to keep out UV rays and solar heat. You are still able to implement bright, vibrant natural light, too.

Are UV rays that big of a threat to the inside of my home?

Ultraviolet rays are damaging when items are exposed to them for a prolonged period of time. When you don’t treat your windows, and sunlight beams in, it can potentially cause damage to elements like furniture, upholstery, wallpaper, carpets, wooden floors and more. These can start to look faded and worn over time.

Contact our team at Sunset Glass Tinting and find out more information about our wide range of 3M window films and service options. We would be happy to deliver Baytown UV film for windows to you.