Beaumont Home Window Tinting

Experience the fresh look and protection provided by Sunset Glass Tinting and our Beaumont home window tinting service.

We all enjoy a beautiful, sunny day and want light to flood through our homes — but that light can be especially damaging during summer in Texas. How do you allow the sunshine in, protect interior furnishings, rugs and draperies, and maintain privacy at the same time?

The answers to those questions can be found with the experienced window professionals at Sunset and our home window tinting in Beaumont TX. We have been in the window tinting business for over 25 years under the same owner.

Bring beauty and protection to your home

The beauty of decorative Beaumont home window tinting extends beyond just the look of your glass. You can customize your home with a lovely classic etched glass look. We use 3M Fasara decorative window films for a variety of looks that can be changed easily and inexpensively. Our Beaumont decorative films are a mere fraction of the cost of etched glass or glass replacement.

Our Beaumont decorative films add to the privacy of your home. Our films can be used for bathroom windows, shower doors, kitchen cabinets and closet doors. A lightly frosted set of doors adds to a clean modern look while etched glass film can create that vintage feel in your home decor. Did we mention color? Our Infiniteoptiks decorative film comes in 65,000 colors. There is no limit to the possibilities of decor, color and privacy options when you work with Sunset Glass Tinting.

An investment in your home

Let’s talk about savings. Energy savings and savings on the wear of your rugs, furniture, window treatments and even the artwork on your walls will add up to money in your pocket.

Our 3M films protect against UV light, which can cause extensive damage to your most prized heirlooms. Let the professionals of our Beaumont home window tinting staff answer all your questions and get you started with a new look for your home today.