Beaumont UV Film For Windows

Here at Sunset Glass Tinting, we provide our clients with Beaumont UV film for windows that is made by industry-leading manufacturer 3M. In fact, Sunset proudly serves as an authorized 3M window film dealer, ready to equip the windows in your home or commercial building with the protecting powers of these films.

Fend off the sun’s ultraviolet rays with Beaumont UV window film

Natural light can really bring a living or workspace to life, but it also comes with a price. When sun comes pouring through an untreated window, it is accompanied by ultraviolet rays that can damage all the items they come into contact with.

If you have furniture setting near a window, you might find over time that the colors from the fabric have started to fade. The same can be said for the floors near your windows — carpets can fade and natural wood floors can become noticeably worn.

With Sunset Glass Tinting’s UV film for windows in Beaumont TX, we can filter out 99 percent of ultraviolet rays so you don’t have to worry about these damaging effects.

Beaumont UV film for windows that provide another form of protection

Ultraviolet rays are not the only hazard you need to account for, either. While it might be a more unlikely scenario, attempted break-ins, accidents or storm damage can also threaten to hurt or break your windows.

Complete with 28 layers of micro-film, Sunset Glass Tinting offers Beaumont UV window film that is especially engineered to add a layer of security for your windows, while regulating the heat and UV rays at the same time. These films provide the safety and security that your home or commercial building needs.

Browse our entire selection of Beaumont UV film for windows and the service that comes with it. Consult with a member of our team here at Sunset Glass Tinting.