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Commercial Window Tinting Services


3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

3M Commercial Window Film increases tenant comfort, let the good light in, keep costly and harmful UV rays out and thwart vandalism and break-ins. 3M Films provide a great return on investment and so much more. Security, solar and decorative window films can change your view of what window films can do. Now you can provide sun control, UV protection, window tinting and privacy while increasing energy savings. 


3M Solar Control Window Films:

  • Reduce glare to employee computers & video screens.
  • Minimize solar hot spots throughout office.
  • Energy savings: save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 feet of exposed glass.

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Commercial Sun Control Window Films


Benefits 3M Safety & Security Window Films:

    • Severe weather: minimize flying glass from violent weather and storms.
    • Crime prevention: prevent easy access from glass doors and windows.
    • Bomb blast protection: help prevent flying glass shards.
    • Options for clear safety film and with tinted sun control.
    • Graffiti management: save money by replacing the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass beneath the film.

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Commercial Safety & Security Window Films


 Benefits of 3M Decorative Window Films

      • Design using decorative window films at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
      • Crime prevention: prevent easy access through glass doors and windows.
      • Windows Films can be easily changed to meet tenant preferences.
      • Privacy without sacrificing natural light.

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3M Commercial FASARA Decorative Window Films

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