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With customized designs, decorative films can help bring life to an otherwise bland space.

  • Achieve high quality designs using attractive 3M Fasara decorative window films at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
  • Extremely customizable – 3M Fasara decorative windows film can be easily changed to meet tenant preferences.
  • Increased and flexible levels of privacy based on your specific needs.

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3M Fasara decorative window films


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Residential 3M decorative window films


Sunset Glass Tinting offers both residential and commercial customers the capability to colorize your workspace and home through decorative window film graphics.

There are no longer any limitations to shades of white. This product now comes in 65,000 colors with any combinations, any pattern and/or any shade desirable.

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Decorative window and wallpaper films and graphics

About Sunset Glass Tinting

Headquartered in Houston Texas, Sunset, Inc. innovates, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of protective, functional, and decorative materials-based solutions including films, coatings, and laminates for various industries nationwide from automotive and architecture to healthcare and aerospace.

Lower your Electric Bill with Window Film

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Myths and Facts About Window Tint

Sunset Glass Tinting Knoxville wants to clear the air on what’s true and false when it comes to window film. It’s easy to assume that something is always wrong, but adding window film can really improve your home.   Myth 1: Window Film makes my home too dark This is...

10 Window Film Facts

At Sunset Glass Tinting, were here to provide you with the best quality service and best quality window films. Why window film? Fun Facts Go Green Installing window films will lower your carbon footprint. Window films are an effective way to go green and feel...

How to Protect Your Furniture with Window Film

The last thing you think could go wrong when living in your home is the fading of your furniture, surprisingly, it can fade! As a homeowner, we don’t really think about the effects the sun has on our homes. Sadly, the sun does cause your furniture to fade, whether...

Fun Facts About Window Film

With Sunset Glass Tinting, we can always make your home or office feel comfortable and pleasant. Adding window film to your home or office can do a lot more than you think. Take a look. Window Film Keeps You Cool With light comes heat, and when you have windows in...

How do 3M Sun Control Window Films work

3M Sun Control Films are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption through the glass. Most dyed films work through an increase in...

4 Benefits of UV Window Films

Sunset Glass Tinting wants you to think about adding UV WIndow film to your home. UV rays can enter your home damaging your skin and your belongings. Check out these benefits to UV Window Film. Prevent Health Dangers We mentioned it before, adding window film will...

4 Reasons People Use Window Film

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Window Tinting can Stop your Glare in Your Home/Office

Let’s avoid squinting our eyes, with window film! Harsh light can lead to eye discomfort and can even cause headaches. That troublesome sensation that causes eye irritation is called glare. Luckily for you, Sunset Glass offers window tinting that can help avoid that...




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