Galveston Home Window Tinting

Let the experts at Sunset Glass Tinting assist you with all of your Galveston home window tinting needs. The summer sun can be responsible for extensive damage to interior decorations and furnishings as well as damaging to your budget as you try to manage energy bills.

With our glass tinting Galveston decorative films, we offer fresh looks, security enhancements and protective properties. 

Home decor

Sunset’s Galveston home window tinting combines beauty with function. Our wide range of customers are impressed with the look of our new decorative film.

Frosted glass on doors in a vintage home, an etched glass look for your dining room, even a privacy film for bathroom windows, are just a few of the many ideas for your home window tinting in Galveston TX.  Did we mention that our 3M decorative window film is a fraction of the cost of etched glass?

Security and storm protection

Glass windows are the most fragile points in a home when talking about severe weather or home break-ins. Sunset Glass Tinting uses 3M Safety & Security Ultra Prestige window films, which contain 42 micro-layers of tear resistant safety film.

This means hail, tree limbs and excessive winds will have a much more difficult time penetrating your home’s glass windows and doors. The same applies to would-be burglars. 3M safety and security film holds glass together, which will minimize the chance of injury in the case of a broken window. 

Energy savings and UV protection

Protect your heirlooms, rugs, artwork and furnishings from damaging UV light using Sunset Glass Tinting’s Galveston decorative films. Our products allow 70 percent of visible light through while protecting your valuables from fading.  That protection extends to your energy bill, too. Significant energy savings can be had by filtering out the solar heat that accompanies the sunlight.

Contact Sunset Glass Tinting for all of your Galveston home window tinting needs.