Galveston UV Film For Windows

Protect your home or commercial building from the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun by investing in Galveston UV film for windows. Here at Sunset Glass Tinting, we specialize in installing all types of films — from decorative to security films — for a long list of clients both here in Galveston and throughout the greater area.

Galveston UV window film helps achieve a variety benefits — from limiting the heat generated in your home by the sunlight and providing a layer of insulation, to reducing glare on your television or computer screens.

Another essential function of UV film for windows in Galveston TX is eliminating the harmful ultraviolet rays can that flood through untreated windows and cause damage to the things they come into prolonged contact with. Ultraviolet rays can fade and cause unnecessary wear to furniture, upholstery, carpets, wood floors, photos/art work and more.

Sunset Window Tinting offers Galveston UV film for windows that eliminates this problem once and for all.

Why not just use shades, blinds or curtains?

It’s true — you can indeed block out UV rays with shades, curtains or blinds, but Galveston UV window film is more effective for a number of reasons.

• First of all, window tinting allows you to still welcome in natural light instead of having to draw the shades or curtains during peak sunlight hours.

• Window film can complement your window treatments and also protect them from the damaging UV rays, as well.

• Do you want to gaze out the window and enjoy your view? Our window tinting makes that possible — you can enjoy full visibility and natural light without worrying about what UV rays might be doing to the inside of your home or building.

Consult with the team at Sunset Glass Tinting, where we have treated over a million windows during our time in business. We want to show you the assortment of Galveston UV film for windows that we have to offer.