Houston Commercial Residential Window Film

Welcome to Sunset Glass Tinting, where we specialize in Houston commercial security film installation, along with similar solutions for your home.

Glass tinting provides a variety of benefits for our clients. Installing films on your windows can spare your home or building from harmful UV rays, solar heat, glares and more. However, with Houston residential security window film, you can reinforce your windows and make them stronger against the elements.

Proudly offering 3B security window film in Houston TX

Sunset Glass Tinting is an authorized 3M window film dealer. This includes Houston 3B security window film that will hold your glass together when it’s faced with such things as:

  • Storm damage: We’re certainly not immune from our share of severe storms. These storms can consist of heavy winds and flying debris, which, if that debris hits your glass, can cause serious damage. Our residential and commercial security film in Houston TX allows your windows to hold tough against this form of punishment.
  • Potential break-ins: It’s not always fun to think about, but your home or commercial business does need protection from when the unthinkable happens. Our Houston commercial security film reinforces your windows so that would-be burglars can’t break through easily — or at all. You can keep your home or office safe with our Houston residential security window film.

We carry a wide range of commercial and residential security window film in Houston TX, so consult with our team and learn about each. We have an extensive knowledge on our product line and can help make recommendations that would work best for your specific needs.

Houston commercial security film is just one more way in which to bring protection to your home or office. Make sure the job is done right by teaming up with an industry leader in Sunset Glass Tinting.