Houston Custom Window Film

Houston custom window film by Sunset Glass Tinting will make a major difference in your home or commercial building. If your windows are not treated, then you could be inviting ultraviolet rays, solar heat and bright glares into your building.

Our Houston tint company has a solution, though. We are an authorized 3M window film dealer that offers a wide range of products and services — from residential and commercial tinting to decorative tinting and security window film installation.

Professional custom window tint in Houston TX

When you work with our team, you can trust that the work is being conducted by seasoned professionals that combine for decades on the job. With experts handling the installation, you get the peace of mind that:

  • The film is being installed correctly and will last the test of time, thus, maximizing the return on your investment.
  • Our team can help you select the appropriate products. You probably don’t know a ton about window film, but our Houston custom window film staff can help you make informed decisions.
  • You don’t have to worry about spending your time, money and energy doing it yourself. After all, you could spend your week trying to take on this project yourself and still not get the results you are looking for.

Our Houston tint company can handle the scope of jobs both big and small. From small residential tinting jobs to large commercial projects, we offer the same precision and quality in our installations.

Protect your home or building with 3M window film

Our team is ready to provide your home or building with the protection it needs via our many types of 3M window film. Start by consulting our team and learn more about what we can offer you. Thanks for considering Sunset Glass Tinting for your Houston custom window film.