Katy Commercial Residential Window Film

Welcome to a trusted resource for commercial security film in Katy, TX. The friendly, dedicated staff at Sunset Glass Tinting has the products and services you need to enhance the safety and security of your home or commercial building.

Katy residential security window film helps protect your home

Windows serve as a major vulnerability for your home. Windows can be soft spots in your home’s insulation, a target for potential burglars and susceptible to damage during major storms.

With our residential security window film in Katy, TX, you don’t have to give these things a second thought. We carry 3M security window film that stands as some of the best films in the industry. These are carefully engineered to hold your glass together even as it sustains damage and punishment.

We also have residential security window film that, in addition to reinforcing your windows, can also filter the sunlight that comes through your glass so that your interior is not disrupted with UV rays, solar heat and more. Our team can show you everything we have to offer in terms of residential and commercial security film in Katy, TX.

Guard your business with Katy commercial security film

Businesses are often more susceptible to break-ins. Would-be thieves often know when people are not present in the facility and might smash windows to get in and out quickly. With our 3M security window film in Katy, TX, your windows will hold up to this form of damage, holding potential intruders at bay and protecting everything in your business building.

Sunset Glass Tinting can handle large commercial jobs, and provide the same great results we offer our residential clients.

Protecting your windows should be a priority — and our Katy commercial security film can get the job done. Team with Sunset Glass Tinting and utilize our quality, proven service.