Katy Home Window Tinting

Sunset Glass Tinting offers Katy home window tinting as an answer to a variety of home needs — increased security, energy savings and a beautiful decor.

Sunset Glass Tinting has been in business for over 25 years and has won multiple awards as one of the top dealers in the country for 3M window film. We’d like to bring our expertise to your home’s window tinting needs.  

Bring beauty and functionality to your home

People choose Sunset and our home window tinting in Katy TX for a variety of reasons.  We often think of protection from direct sunlight and UV rays as the primary reason for window tinting. That is just the start.

Our Katy decorative films for your home can provide a fresh new look for any room, add privacy where needed, increase security and protect against severe weather damage.  There are so many distinct and beautiful looks to our window film at just a fraction of the cost of etched or leaded glass.

Add a measure of security, too!

Many of our Katy home window tinting customers are unaware of the valuable increase in security that a window film can provide. Sunset Glass Tinting can help you protect your home from break-ins and other damage by using our 3M Safety & Security Film. These films come with a special thick adhesive to hold broken glass together. Pair that with one of our impact protection systems that will bond the window to the frame.

Sunset Glass Tinting has the best choices in Katy decorative films. From a simple white frost to an etched glass look, Sunset Glass Tinting will help you find the perfect fit for your home. Give us a call today at 888.949.2468 for all of your Katy home window tinting questions and needs.