Katy Privacy Window Film

Privacy is necessary both in your home and throughout workspaces — that’s why Sunset Glass Tinting offers Katy privacy window film installation and service.

For nearly 30 years, we have been providing a variety of tinting services. As an authorized 3M window film dealer, we provide our residential and commercial clients with the option of traditional, security or privacy film for their windows and interior glass.

Bring Katy privacy film for windows to your home

The team at Sunset Glass Tinting can provide your home with privacy from outsiders and make it look great in the process. We offer a wide range of decorative privacy window film in Katy TX.

Instead of investing in glass that was carefully etched, sandblasted and cut, you can lean on our decorative films and achieve the same end result. You can provide privacy for your home while inviting rich, natural light to flood in with our Katy privacy window film.

Also, we can install privacy film to interior glass throughout your home, such as glass showers doors and a lot more.

Take advantage of our commercial Katy privacy film for windows

Privacy is also very important in commercial settings. That’s why Sunset Glass Tinting has the staff, tools and products to bring our film to even large commercial environment.

We can make sure that the business conducted inside of your building is kept safe and isolated from would-be onlookers. On top of that, our window film blocks out UV rays that could damage furniture and flooring and stops solar heat, which can create uncomfortable hot spots in your building.

We’re ready to show you though our selection of Katy privacy window film and help you find the perfect selection for your home or commercial building. Contact Sunset Glass Tinting, or request an instant quote online right now.