New Braunfels Home Window Tinting

Sunset Glass Tinting is excited to offer you a new look for your home with our New Braunfels home window tinting services.

As the bright sunny days of Texas shine down upon your home, you probably would love to let that natural light shine in. At the same time you may worry about the cost of your utility bills as the air conditioner kicks in full time. Or, you might be concerned with the ultra violet light doing damage to interior furnishings.

This is where we can help with our New Braunfels decorative films. Sunset Glass Tinting can show you how to beautify your home while saving money on energy costs and protecting your valuable rugs, artwork, photos and heirlooms.

Explore the many benefits of treated windows

Allow Sunset Glass Tinting to change your view on what window films can do. Our New Braunfels home window tinting provides an array of benefits — decorative and functional.

  • Our window films and tinting can allow up to 70 percent of the natural light into your home while providing protection against those harmful UV rays.
  • You may be surprised to know that, when you get home window tinting in New Braunfels TX, you are also increasing the security of your home.
  • We are one of the leading dealers for 3M window films. These films contain tear-resistant layers that will hold broken glass together, keeping you safe from glass shards in the case of severe weather damage or even vandalism or break-in attempts.

What can Sunset’s New Braunfels decorative films do for the interior of your home?  Imagine beautifully etched glass gracing your cabinets or glass doorways. Perhaps you’ve been longing for more privacy in your shower and bath? We have frosted glass looks that allow light in while providing you with complete privacy. We are so excited to offer color in our InfiniteOptiks brand! You can choose photos, art, wall murals and we can create your personalized design.

Contact Sunset Glass and our New Braunfels home window tinting staff today to set up your free consultation and quote!