New Braunfels Privacy Window Film

Assure the supreme privacy of your home or commercial facility by working with Sunset Glass Tinting and having New Braunfels privacy window film installed.

As an authorized 3M window film dealer, and with nearly 30 years in the business, our team provides a wide range of options to choose from — all of which will shroud your windows and other glass with the privacy you need. 

Shop our New Braunfels privacy film for windows

When it comes to adding an element of privacy to your windows, you have a number of options available. Sunset Glass Tinting offers a wide range of products and we have an expert staff that can help you browse through this selection and make recommendations on what might work best for you.

Our privacy window film in New Braunfels TX comes in a variety of forms.

  • Decorative films: Sunset Glass Tinting has many decorative window films that mimic the same effect as etching, sandblasting and more. These also serve as effective New Braunfels privacy window films because they make it so that outsiders can’t see in your home or office.
  • Dark tinting or frosted windows: We have solutions that can darken out your windows or create the effect that they are frosted so that no one can see in. These options still allow natural light to enter your facility while providing you with the privacy you want.
  • Mirroring: Take advantage of New Braunfels privacy film for windows that creates a mirror effect to reflect the sunlight and block the vision of an outsider.

Privacy is very important for both residential and commercial settings and sometimes windows create an area of vulnerability. With Sunset Glass Tinting, you can add security and privacy to your home or building with our New Braunfels privacy window film.