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Residential Window Tinting Services


3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

Clear, neutral, colored, protective — 3M window film products make natural light a beautiful and welcome addition to your home.

For more than 40 years, 3M has been a leader in improving light with window films. You can rely on Sunset Glass Tinting to help protect your family and furnishings against ultraviolet rays, severe weather and vandalism; all while providing you with comfort from heat and glare.

You’ve invested so much time and energy into making your home beautiful and inviting. Now you can be sure it stays that way with 3M window film.


Benefits of Residential 3M Window Films:

  • Reduce Energy cost by up to 30%.
  • Fade reduction to furnishings and carpet.
  • Temperature consistency from one room to another.
  • Glare reduction to television and electronics.

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Residential 3M Window Films


  • Design using decorative window films at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
  • Crime prevention: prevent easy access through glass doors and windows.
  • Severe weather: minimize flying glass due to violent weather and storms.
  • Options for clear safety film or with a tinted sun control.

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Residential 3M safety & security window films


  • Design using decorative window films at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
  • Decorative film for bathroom windows, shower doors, and kitchen cabinets.
  • Many different styles to choose from at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.
  • Provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

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Residential 3M decorative window films

About Sunset Glass Tinting

Headquartered in Houston Texas, Sunset, Inc. innovates, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of protective, functional, and decorative materials-based solutions including films, coatings, and laminates for various industries nationwide from automotive and architecture to healthcare and aerospace.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film and 3M™ Low E Window Film

How does the 3M™ Sun Control Window Film work? 3M Sun Control Films reduce how much solar heat comes through window glass. By utilizing solar reflection and absorption. Colored or dyed films are designed to absorb solar heat, reflective films are given precision...

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 3M™ Window Film

What is the warranty for 3M™ Window Film? 3M Window Films are warranted to manage their solar properties without bubbling up, cracking, hazing, or discoloration. If your film is proven to be defective, 3M and the 3M dealer will replace the film for free. The Seller...

After Application, How Do I Clean My 3M™ Window Film?

Once thirty days have elapsed, you can clean all installed 3M Window Film with typical household cleaning supplies, including products containing ammonia. Windex is one example of a suitable household cleaning solution. In addition to the cleaning...

Window Tinting For Home or Business

Let’s be honest, when you hear or read about window tint you’re probably thinking about cars. You know, those cars where the windows are tinted so you can’t see into them. They kind where you wonder, is that someone famous right next to me on the freeway?...

Safeguard Glass Against Burglaries and Climate

Around every eighteen seconds, a U.S. home is burglarized. That’s roughly 4,800 break ins daily. Now you’ve probably already been very thorough in protecting your home like the majority of homeowners. With locked doors, windows, and new advances in home...

I Want To Understand How Safety & Security Window Film From 3M™ Works

The Safety and Security Window Films manufactured by 3M are designed to increase the shatter-resistance of window glass by acting to hold the pieces together when a window is struck. When compared to 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, it is easily noted that...

I Want to Understand How 3M™ Sun Control Window Films Work

The 3M Sun Control Film product line is designed to minimize the amount of solar heat that is allowed to be transmitted through window glass by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption through the window glass. Please keep in mind that this is...

Top Reasons To Avoid Making Window Film a DIY Project

There are homeowners reading this who are considering visiting a local home supply store to purchase do it yourself window film. That being said, a DIY window film application is not wise for a number of reasons. We always recommend you speak with a...

The Benefits Found Using 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Products

Protect your investment on your home furnishings Wallpaper, fabrics, hardwood floors, photos hung on the walls and important personal keepsakes can fade when the sun is allowed to enter a room unfiltered. Our Envision™ Window Film option can help keep your...

3M™ Window Film Explained

I do not understand how Sun Control Window Films from 3M work. The 3M Sun Control Window Film line is designed to limit the solar heat totals that are transmitted through the glass of the window by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption that...




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