San Antonio Solar Window Film Tint

Natural light can be a great thing for homes and commercial buildings, but without San Antonio solar window film on your windows, it can also come with its share of hazards.

That’s where Sunset Glass Tinting comes in handy. We specialize in San Antonio tinted windows by using 3M window films. In fact, Sunset is a proud authorized 3M window film dealer because we are firm believers in their effectiveness and quality.

Through solar window tint in San Antonio TX, you’re able to address the not-so-great aspects of inviting natural sunlight into your home or facility.

• Have you ever been in a room that gets a lot of sun and you notice right away that it’s a lot warmer than the other rooms? This is a hot spot, and it’s created by the solar heat that enters your windows. This can force your heating and cooling system to work extra hard to manage the climate.

• Similarly, when sunlight beats in through a window and hits things like furniture, wall coverings and flooring, these elements can fade over time and look worn. That’s because of the damaging UV rays that come with natural light. Our San Antonio solar window film reflects 99 percent of all UV rays.

• Also, you’ve probably had it before where you sit down to watch television or work on the computer and you can’t escape the bright glare on your screen from the sunlight. San Antonio tinted windows can reduce this glare so you can enjoy your work or entertainment.

These benefits alone show just how wise of an investment San Antonio solar window film can be. We can give you a full look at your options and how our window tinting can benefit your home or commercial building via a free consultation. Talk to the team at Sunset Glass Tinting.