San Antonio UV Film For Windows

Welcome to Sunset Glass Tinting, where we offer our residential and commercial clients San Antonio UV film for windows. These films — made by industry-leader 3M — are effective in, not just fending off UV rays from entering your home or facility, but also reducing glare, fortifying your glass and they can also add an element of privacy.

How San Antonio UV window film works

The process that most people know as tinting entails the installation of a film on your glass. We utilize the most innovative and cutting-edge UV film for windows in San Antonio TX — they’re made by 3M. In fact, Sunset Glass Tinting is a proud authorized 3M dealer, so you can always have the peace of mind that you’ll be getting quality work and products when you work with our team.

This San Antonio UV film for windows is highly effective in a number of ways. When the sun beats in through the window, the film:

• Cuts down on the heat that enters your window by almost 75 percent.

• Blocks essentially all ultraviolet rays, which can damage furniture, floors and other elements.

• Evenly disperses the natural light to make the interior of your home or commercial building bright and vibrant.

None of this happens with untreated windows. In fact, without San Antonio UV window film, the inside of your home or building can heat up when the sun is shining, forcing your heating and cooling system to work overtime to manage the climate.

Also, the ultraviolet rays can fade the color out of everything it comes into consistent contact with. These facts underscore how window film installation is a sound investment for any homeowner or commercial building manager.

Utilize high quality San Antonio UV film for windows by working with the experienced team at Sunset Glass Tinting.