The Woodlands Commercial Residential Window Film

Protect the windows in your home or commercial building in The Woodlands by working with Sunset Glass Tinting and utilizing our wide range of commercial security film specifically designed for The Woodlands area.

These are films that can be applied to your windows in order to make them more resilient to punishment — this can include anything from flying debris in a storm to an attempted break-in. Our residential security window film shores up a vulnerable spot in almost any home or business — you don’t have to worry about your windows putting your security at risk.

Explore our extensive selection of 3M security window film in The Woodlands

Sunset Glass Tinting is an authorized 3M window film dealer. We have an extensive knowledge on these products and we work with them every single day to ensure that the service we provide is up to the manufacturer’s preferences.

We have a lot of 3M security window film to choose from — and they all offer something different. This residential and commercial security film in The Woodlands includes:

  • Anti-graffiti glass protection film
  • Impact protection systems
  • Safety Series
  • Ultra Series
  • Ultra Prestige Series

The appropriate commercial security film for your project depends on the needs of your facility. If you require very extensive protection from a wide range of hazards, our Ultra Prestige Series includes 42 micro-layers of strong, tear resistant safety film while providing your windows with the necessary sun control that it needs. 

Ask us about The Woodlands residential security window film

It’s ok that you don’t know everything there is to know about commercial or residential security window film in The Woodlands. That’s why our team is here. We can walk you through the benefits of each type of film and help match you with the right solution for your project.

Let’s get to work reinforcing your windows to make your home or commercial building a safer place. Consult with our The Woodlands commercial security film staff right now.